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Get Your Breast Milk Home To Baby. Safely And Hassle Free!

The Milk Mission understands moms dedication to providing the very best for their baby. This is why we've made it easy and convenient to send your breast milk home from anywhere in the U.S with no hassle.  No mountain too high or ocean too deep. The Milk Mission is here as a partner to help busy moms reach their breastfeeding goals every step of the way! 



Why Ship My Breast Milk?

 5 Reasons Why

1. One of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect the health of her infant is to breastfeed. Don't let work get in the way of your baby's health.

2. Don't wean your baby before it's time.

3. Frozen breast milk loses some of it's natural antioxidants.

4. No more pump and dump.

5. Maintain healthy breast milk supply by pumping stimulation.

The Milk Mission Cooler

The Milk Mission Cooler makes sending breast milk home to baby safe and easy. Your box will be sent directly to your destination location. The Milk Mission Cooler includes (1) chilling unit activated by the shipper and placed in the box with your breast milk, (12) Lansinoh breast milk bags and a return shipping label (domestic delivery). The cooling unit offers 48 hours cooling duration from the time it is activated, keeping your breast milk at 2°C to 8°C . No gel packs or dry ice needed!


Express & DOMESTIC delivery

The Milk Mission Cooler will be sent to your specified destination where it will be waiting for you. Mom will just pump and secure her breast milk in the Lansinoh bags provided. Load filled bags into The Milk Mission Cooler and activate the 48 hours chilling unit. It's that easy!



Express & Local DELIVERY

The Milk Mission facilitates local breast milk delivery to over 20 cities! Simply pump and load your Lansinoh bags into your Milk Mission Cooler. The Milk Mission facilitates your pick-up and delivery through FedEx Same day City (Local courier delivery across your metro area). Your breast milk will be delivered within 2 hours (Priority Service). **Delivery times may vary depending on the miles from your pick-up location.


The Milk Mission Cooler only (no Delivery)

Simply pump and secure your breast milk in the Lansinoh bags provided. Store your breast milk in The Milk Mission Cooler.



If we wear our nursing covers backwards like capes, then everyone can see we’re breastfeeding superheros.
— Cassie Clark


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