Community Organizations

All children and families deserve the best possible chance to be strong, healthy, and happy throughout the course of their lives. Breast milk and breastfeeding are among the first building blocks to ensure this is possible; many in healthcare and public health have researched and documented the health benefits to breastfeeding. Unfortunately, women and babies of color are the least likely to have access to critical support and care to make breastfeeding a reality in their homes and communities.

The Milk Mission in-person trainings:

Childcare Centers: This training describes the importance of breastfeeding, best ways to support breastfeeding mothers, how to store and handle breast milk, how to create a comfortable environment for breastfeeding mothers, sharing your support policy with families and staff, and current state laws regarding breastfeeding.

Social Service Agencies: Help mothers find resources in the community. If mothers get the support they need in the first 4 weeks of a new baby’s life, they are more likely to keep breastfeeding. Mothers may need help finding people who are trained to assist with breastfeeding problems after they leave the hospital. Without help, some new mothers may stop breastfeeding. Communities often provide a number of resources and programs to help breastfeeding mothers. Use the resources of your community to connect mothers to assistance such as mother-to-mother support groups that can help them keep breast feeding even if they have problems.

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