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Commonly Asked Questions

Will my employer reimburse me for this service?

The Milk Mission encourages moms to discuss our service with their employer. Your employer may consider this service reimbursable as a travel expense. Many workplaces now recognize the importance of breastfeeding and have policies in place to support lactating mothers. Submit the form below to request our Employer Reimbursement Request Letter to give to your employer.

What is included in the milk mission cooler

The Milk Mission Cooler includes (1) Nannicool cooling engine, (12) Lansinoh breast milk bags and a return shipping label (domestic delivery).The Nannicool engine offers 48 hours cooling duration from the time the cooling engine is activated, keeping your breast milk at 2°C to 8°C . No gel packs or dry ice needed to ship your breast milk.

When are the shipping orders for The DOMESTIC DELIVERY processed?

Domestic orders are processed M-F 9 a.m- 6 p.m. EST.  Return labels will indicate Fedex Priority Overnight. Any orders placed after 3 p.m. will be set for delivery the following day.

When are the shipping orders for The LOCAL DELIVERY processed?

Orders for our local Milk Mission delivery are processed M-F 9 a.m.- 5 p.m EST. Any orders placed after 3 p.m. will be set for delivery the following day. 

What happens during the local delivery?

The Milk Mission is currently serving 20 + cities. The Milk Mission facilitates your pick-up and delivery through FedEx. Local deliveries will be delivered by FedEx within 2 hours **Delivery times may vary depending on the miles from your pick-up location.

How do I know what service to choose?

The Express & Domestic Delivery is ideal for traveling moms. The Milk Mission will have your box waiting for you at your destination. The customer is responsible for scheduling/dropping off their cooler to FedEx for breast milk delivery to their home.The Milk Mission will provide you with a priority overnight return shipping label with your cooler.

The Express & Local Delivery is ideal for moms who reside within the 20 + cities we currently service. Whether you pump at your workplace, gym or other local location the Express & Local Delivery is here for you! 

How much can I ship in MY BREAST MILK BOX?

The Milk Mission Cooler holds (12) 6 oz Lansinoh bags.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

  • 3 days in advance for local delivery and domestic travel.

How will I be notified upon local delivery of my breast milk BOX?

The Milk Mission will send you an e-mail notifying you that your delivery has been made. Please label all breast milk bags with the date and time. Also, ensure that your baby's caregiver is their to retrieve your cooler. 

**The Milk Mission is not responsible for undelivered packages.

How will I be notified when my milk has been delivered home when shipping domestically?

If you are shipping domestically, you will be provided the tracking number for your package.

Where can I find my tracking numbers?

Your tracking numbers will be provided via email.

Does The Milk Mission facilitate my FedEx pick-up from my destination when traveling domestically?

After completing The Milk Mission order form, your cooler will be delivered to your destination. However, it is the customers responsibility to schedule and/or drop- off their cooler to FedEx for delivery home. The Milk Mission assumes no responsibility for the customers cooler.

What if Fedex can't deliver my milk?

Do to inclement weather Fedex is delayed or sometimes can't deliver. The Milk Mission assumes no responsibility for this.

Can I have my breast milk shipped to arrive on Sunday?

Fedex provides priority overnight delivery M-F and on Saturday in most areas, if you send your breast milk on Saturday it will arrive on Monday.

I missed my Fedex pick-up time?

Visit to find other Fedex locations in your area.

Can  I ship my breast milk frozen?

The Milk Mission Cooler has a cooling temperature from 2 to 8 degrees.

What if my milk was spoiled upon arrival?

Please discard any breast milk that is considered spoiled and contact The Milk Mission.

What if I am traveling to multiple destinations during my trip, how should I place my order?

Please place each destination order individually.

Need a receipt?

Once your credit card is charged, you will receive a Milk Mission receipt via e-mail. 

Terms and conditions

The Milk Mission facilitates the delivery of The Milk Mission Cooler for moms who are traveling domestically and/or opting for our local delivery. The Milk Mission does not assume any responsibility for spoiled breast milk or any other matters concerning the consumption of the breast milk. The Milk Mission also assumes no responsibility for any lost and/or damage boxes or the delayed delivery of the cooler home locally and/or domestically to baby.

Privacy Policy

The Milk Mission values your privacy and will not use your personal account information for any other purposes outside of facilitating the delivery of your Milk Mission cooler.