Breastfeeding has many well-established health benefits for infants and mothers. There is greater risk reduction in health outcomes with exclusive breastfeeding.

Despite these benefits, national breastfeeding rates are below the goals set by Healthy People2020. Ohio’s exclusive breastfeeding rates are in the lowest quartile nationally. In addition, racial and socioeconomic disparities exist.

Studies have shown that patients forget up to 80 percent of what their doctors tell them during appointments. So how can patients obtain the breastfeeding education that they need and have access to it on-demand 24 hours/7 days a week, 365 days a year. Introducing the Milk Mission online subscription for Hospitals, Clinics, and OBGYN offices.

The Milk Mission online subscription:

Our digital product effortlessly delivers engaging breastfeeding education courses and expert advice. Participants will have access to it anywhere, across multiple platforms: from desktop to a smart phone. Blended learning with mixed eLearning and instructor-led training are featured on the platform. Courses are designed to both entertain, educate and address the needs of the community. Rich communication tools support for personal messages, calendar and discussion forums along with interactive video conference for one-on-one interaction with an instructor. Gamification and progress tracking, courses will be energized with badge points, levels, and rewards keeping the participant motivated to continue through coursework.

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