Here at The Milk Mission, we know how important it is to have your Lactation CareProvider there with you within hours of your baby’s birth. Skin to skin contact and initiation of breastfeeding within the first two hours of the baby’s life can mean the difference between a smooth…or not so smooth breastfeeding journey. Please reach out to book your in-hospital CLC visit today! We also provide home visits before or after baby is born for a variety of reasons.Some clients prefer a private breastfeeding class in their home. Others have taken the free course or the Breastfeeding Basics class and need more specific information for: multiple births, inverted nipples, previous breastfeeding issues, etc.

Some clients have us come to their home after delivery when they run into problems with extremely sore nipples, slow weight gain, milk supply, etc. What ever your concern, let us give you the education, tools, and support to be successful breastfeeding your baby! Clients who have taken our classes have priority for personal consultations. If weekly slots are full, contact us for additional availability.

For In-Home or In-Hospital consultations, please email for scheduling and pricing. See you soon mama!

**COVID-19 RESPONSE: We have suspended in-person consults at this time. Please schedule an e-consult with any of our knowledgable Certified Lactation Counselors who can support you over HIPAA-compliant, secure video chat from your phone or computer.