Liquid Gold

Colostrum or “new-born milk” is what we consider your babies first vaccination. New-born milk is produced during pregnancy and aids in coating your newborns gut with protective layers of nutrients once baby begins to suckle. What do these nutrients do? They are the baby’s first defense against diarrhea, which is a leading cause of dehydration in a new baby and even hospitalization. Early gut health is vital throughout a child’s life and studies show benefits that reach all the way into adulthood.

Colostrum is the perfect milk for newborns, which is why it is rightfully called “newborn milk. It’s jam packed with antibodies and other components that protect baby from pathogens. Since colostrum is meant for a new baby, it will not look and flow like mature milk (consult one of our team members for more detailed information). There are many misconceptions about what an “adequate” milk supply is, so we encourage our mom’s to hand express their colostrum and take a good look at it! It literally looks like liquid gold (mild to bright yellow color) and usually has a thicker consistency than mature milk.During the stages of milk transition, typically 2-3 days after birth, your milk will start to gradually fade into a chalky white color.

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