Our Story

Founder Gina VanCant and co founder Kendra Valton are sisters! After going on an amazing journey together of motherhood, and learning all that they could about breastfeeding, one thing that really stood out to them, and that was the lack of imagery of African American women breastfeeding. This is what motivated them to start The Milk Mission.

Digging a little deeper into breastfeeding they found that African American women have the lowest initiation and duration of breastfeeding and that only 14% maintain breastfeeding for there commended six months. In addition to African American infants having the highest rate ofInfant Mortality than any other race.

“We believe that the lack of introduction to breastfeeding has greatly contributed to the breastfeeding disparities among African American women”.

So we have made it our mission to promote breastfeeding in the African American community through our inclusive online breastfeeding courses, breast pump provider program and in person training’s.